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My approach to tutoring is one of ethics and intellectualism. I believe that students can become more productive and receive better grades when they put in time and effort towards mastering the things they are studying. To this point, as a tutor, I believe in helping students understand what they are studying, so that they can take ownership of their work and become self-confident in their abilities. I find tutoring to be rewarding when students demonstrate that they can accurately understand their assignment and can come up with solutions on their own. The credit for such accomplishments belong to the students themselves, and I view tutoring as just a means of helping students develop their potential for academic success.

Just to be clear, I don't help students with the substantive contents of their paper, to include ideas, what to write, etc., as that is academic and intellectual fraud, and I don't engage in or condone that type of behavior. For example, I do not help with personal statements, letter of intent, etc. In these cases, the only things that I can help with are grammar and flow. It is the students' integrity to come up with their own ideas (especially when writing something personal about themselves), to do their own analysis, to do their research, etc. It is NOT the tutor's place to do research on behalf of the student, to do analysis for the student, to give student ideas on what to write, or tell students what to write.

My tutoring experience includes tutoring middle school, high school, and college students on writing, reading, and math (algebra). I prefer to work with students one at a time, because that allows for more in-depth understanding of the challenges that a student may face. I believe that students learn at their own pace, and that tutoring can benefit students at any level. If you’d like to schedule a tutoring session, please contact me.



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