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Hi there! I'm a professional freelance graphic designer with 15+ years experience as a graphic designer. I've been freelancing full time for 9 years, which means I get to constantly obtain and design for new clients in a wide variety of industries.

I have tutored countless people of different ages in graphic design skills - whether it's helping them improve their software skills, providing feedback and tips on how to improve their current design projects, or teaching new design/illustration techniques. I have also been a design mentor to small groups of local high school students (taking a graphic design course) classroom setting for 4 years. I've taught art to middle school children in a summer camp, and I have even taught weekly adult dance classes (group classes as well as private lessons) for 4 years! So teaching creative and technical skills to others is something that has been a part of my life for many years now, even though my primary job is my freelance graphic design business.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, yet I am a continual student in graphic design, computer illustration and fine art. I love sharing my knowledge of graphic design techniques, Adobe Illustrator and other Adobe Creative Suite software, and am also happy to share my experience with self-employment to those who are interested.

Students say I'm very patient, encouraging, kind and effective in my teaching style. Everyone learns differently, am I am skilled at catering my teaching methods towards each individual's unique learning style and personality. Personally, I find teaching and mentoring others in the skills I have very rewarding, and I look forward to working with you!

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