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When I started college, at the ripe old age of 36, I had to retake remedial math courses and when I didn’t understand something I sought out help…either by being the crazy woman in the back of the room asking question after question, in tutoring labs, YouTube videos, etc. I absolutely refused to give up, so I worked my butt off!!!
While sitting in the tutoring lab on campus one day, I saw a woman struggling with the course I had completed the previous semester and offered up help. She told me that she learned more in 10 minutes from me than she had in an entire month, and then she asked if I tutored and said she would pay me. Thus my tutoring/teaching career began…
Since then, I’ve been working with college students, middle schoolers, high schoolers, etc in algebra, as well as GED students. Just like I refused to give up when I was in school, my students don’t go home until they have an understanding of whatever it is we happen to be working on at the time. Words often heard in my tutoring sessions are, “QUESTIONS, ASK QUESTIONS!!” This comes from a philosophy of mine that says a student learns best when they actively participate in learning.
In addition to going above and beyond during one-on-one sessions with my students, I have access to hundreds of extra practice worksheets…thanks to the wonderful world of the internet. I also often take notes during sessions using an android tablet and will send those notes to my students at the end of sessions. Another thing I often do is type up steps on how to solve a particular type of problem (on my own time and free of charge…tips are graciously accepted however). I’ve learned that if a student isn’t learning, it sometimes the fault of both the teacher and the student…a teacher , by definition, is only a teacher if their students are learning.
Now, what are you waiting for?? Pick up the phone, send me an email, send up smoke signals… me and get on my schedule...5 hour cancellation notice on all sessions please



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