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Hello! My name is Sophie Heskje, and I have been a full-time teacher and tutor for the past six years in the US, Italy, Poland, and China. Most recently, I worked as a high school teacher in Quanzhou, China for the 2019-2020 school year. I taught 10th grade Literature and 11th grade Writing to Chinese students at an international high school—there, I helped the students prepare for academic success at universities in the US, Canada, and the UK. The courses included a strong focus in college writing and literary analysis.
I have taught both formally and informally in a variety of situations. For several years, I tutored primary and middle school students in an after-school program for children in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. While I was an undergraduate student, I worked as a writing consultant at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. During these sessions, I helped students to discuss and analyze literature, to grasp the rules of the English language, and to discover ways of improving their writing. I was also a teaching assistant for an English professor, and I met with her regularly to help plan lessons, set goals, and grade assignments for Freshmen English classes. In addition, I served as a substitute teacher for a local primary school for students in grades 1-3.
Once I moved abroad, I taught English to sophomores at Sias University in Zhengzhou, China (2015-2018). As a teacher for English language learners, I created appropriate lessons, prepared students for assessments, and provided extra support for the students’ language learning. In Poland (2018-2019), I taught individuals and small groups of students at a language academy in Warsaw. At this academy, I created lessons for specific students needs, covering different areas such as grammar, Business English, standardized tests, and academic writing.
The opportunities that I have had as a tutor and a teacher have encouraged me to be compassionate, organized, and creative. I have learned to communicate well with other staff as well as parents, and to structure activities that will benefit students collectively as well as individually. I look forward to working with you!



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