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I am a teacher certified in special education and middle school math and science and have been teaching for six years, primarily in a high school setting. I currently teach 7th grade mathematics and am currently working on a master’s degree in mathematics education. I have experience tutoring students in math, science, and test preparation. Earning my initial degree in special education and teaching in that field for 5 years, I specialize in how individuals learn and transforming content into easy-to-learn materials. For most of my teaching career, I served as a resource teacher due to my strong and varied content knowledge, helping students to learn and be more successful in their classes.

I am have been a co-teacher for Algebra and Geometry courses. I have experience as a resource teacher, teaching Pre-algebra-Algebra 2 in order for students to be successful within those classes.

I took Chemistry for 3 years while in high school (college prep and IB), tutored a university student in Chemistry, and continued to tutor students in Chemistry as a resource teacher in the high school setting. I love Chemistry and making it easy to learn.

If you are a student that struggles with how to learn and finds most instruction to be confusing and fast, I am the tutor for you. I can meet you where you are academically and take you to where you want to be with easy-to-follow instruction and practice.



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