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Hello and good day to you. My name is Justin. I am a biology major at York College of Pennsylvania in my junior year. Biology is a fusion of algebra, chemistry, and physics applied to studying life. I have an extensive background in math and science which I rely on everyday of my life. I tutor elementary, middle, and high school students. Most recently I was a long-term substitute teacher in algebra and precalculus at Lancaster Country Day School. I currently tutor LCDS students and substitute when the need arises.

I tutor college students and adult learners as well. I specialize in algebra, biology, chemistry, physics, and scientific writing. I'm more than proficient in the other major subjects as well. I have four years of experience, but I'm new to this website. The bulk of my previous experience centers around algebra 1, algebra 2, biology, chemistry, and physics at the middle and high school level.

I find tutoring to be a very enjoyable task, especially when that "a-ha moment" hits. Seeing success and confidence on a student's face makes the job worthwhile. I believe most students can find success with practice and patience. Learning to study is a skill. Practice makes perfect. When I tutor, I do not just give the answers. I believe students should show their reasoning. If they need a helping hand, then I'm there to guide. If they need instruction then I offer it. It is my goal to get them "to walk on their own." Once a student can prove that they understand a concept, then it is time to move on to the next concept.

My greatest success story is a student named Isaac. We began working together in the Fall of 2011 during his 9th grade year. Isaac needed to improve his study habits in algebra and science. He was not engaging with the instructor or the material. By reviewing previous material, teaching him how to take notes, how to consult the textbook, and how to ask questions when he was lost, I helped him to get back on track. He needed to become confident, and eventually he turned into an excellent and attentive student. His grades went up and I'm proud to say he was accepted into Millersville University for the Fall of 2015.

I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss your situation. I'm sure we can find success for your student by working together.



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