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I graduated from the faculty of engineering, Cairo university in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree. Beside the university studies, I was keen on practicing English regularly by joining the American university in Cairo school of continued education. Moreover, I became interested in project management and enriched this interest through study. Right after graduation, driven by the ambition for scientific research, I joined Nile university as a research and teaching assistant to pursue my master's degree in communications and information technology major. During my two years study period in Nile University, I was responsible for designing and teaching a newly course titled "Introduction to IOT" which involved C++ programming along with the fundamentals of network theory. By this time, I was able to finish my first paper that was published in a top tier conference in Italy. After finishing my MSc, I moved to the united states to start my PhD in Pennsylvania state university, where I am currently working as a teaching assistant.

In Penn State, I have been teaching EE-350 (Continuous Control Systems) for one year now. This course provides foundations for circuits design, communication systems, control systems, power electronics and probability and stochastic processes. Being a teaching assistant for such an important class with many students, I had to receive a training by the university that made me learn how to design syllabus, promote innovative ways of teaching like active learning and being able to understand my students.

As a graduate student in the electrical engineering department, all the graduate classes and the research conducted requires outstanding mathematical knowledge. Since my main specialization is communication systems, that are mainly affected by the randomness of the surrounding environment, I had to develop a strong understanding in probability and stochastic processes. Hence, the main flavor of my publications is the probability theory. I also got involved in tutoring probability during fall-2020.



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