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My background and career have focused on teaching and training in many forms. My first tutoring student was a classmate in my eighth grade Latin class, and I've had more students every year since then. I worked for several years at Apple, teaching computer literacy and media skills one on one and in groups of 4-12. At Apple, I was selected for a year-long residency teaching other trainers throughout North America.

I have a background in Quaker educational philosophy and approach my work with the highest degree of ethics. I specialize in adult learning theory and building custom curricula to supplement or replace school curricula.

My favorite questions are the ones I don't know the answers to. I'd much rather have a student flummox me and cause us to learn together, aligning us in the pursuit of knowledge, than sit there and spout off information. I teach not only subjects but techniques for better learning.

I operate out of Old City, Philadelphia and can meet you anywhere in the Greater Philadelphia Region, including Northern Delaware and South Jersey.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about my experience or techniques. My only question for you is: How can I help?



Haverford College

Classics/Fine Arts

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