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I am very glad for the opportunity to tutor students of various grade levels, as well as College students, and other adult learners with English writing, editing and basic English literacy skills, as well as tutoring English as a second language, and basic Spanish level 1, 2 to intermediate Spanish level I. Although I'm new to the 'Hey Tutor' organization, I am no stranger to helping other students with writing papers. In the past I've assisted a few college students with their writing assignments, and have recently peer tutored a 6th grader with her writing assignment. Recently I have began tutoring ESL adult students online, and in person to help the ESL students improve their writing and speaking skills. I have also recently tutored English and Math to first graders at The Pan American Academy. I find all of my recent and past experiences to be quite rewarding, as it enable the opportunity for myself to help others improve their education and career goals. In Addition to my writing experience, I had a news article published at the "News of Delaware County" newspaper in June 2008.

My foreign language skills and experience regard the successful completion of intermediate Spanish level I and II courses in college after successfully completing Basic Spanish level 1 and 2 in high school. Recently I have been reviewing and studying Spanish on my own, and have also been practicing speaking with others in order to retain what I've learned., and am advancing. I have basic to low intermediate skills in the Arabic language. In the past for 2 years, I had worked as a teacher assistant at a weekend School ( from 2003 - 2005) to assisted children between the ages of 3 - 10 to read and write Arabic and English. In November 2009 I've obtained a certificate from the Pro-Literacy America Volunteer organization after completing TESL training to peer tutor adult students, and enjoyed peer tutoring very much. If you want help for any of the above mentioned subjects, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Delaware County Community College

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