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In three short words: I love teaching! In fact, I have tutored professionally for over 15 years. I hold dual Bachelor degrees in elementary school teaching and English Literature at the undergraduate level and a Master's degree in Higher Education with a focus on College Teaching and Learning. I currently work as an Academic Coordinator for Adult Education in one of New Jersey's universities. While in this role I have also taught college courses in psychology, expository writing (English I), and freshman seminar where work is focused on college acclimation and study skills. Previously, I ran a tutoring service for students in upper elementary school, high school, college-level students, and working professionals. I thoroughly enjoy working with students in helping them to better their reading, writing, math, and test preparation skills, and I take great pride in my energetic, compassionate, and patient manner with new learners, as I help them to build confidence first and foremost in what they are learning.

My style of tutoring and teaching is one that leans towards modeling. I model the new skill, and ask the student to try the skill. Once the student has a rudimentary grasp of the skill, I then design three to five examples, highlighting the skill, while increasing the skill(s) in difficulty and complexity. The overarching theme of my tutoring sessions is confidence-building, as I am a strong believer that increased confidence leads to increased success. Skill complexity is increased incrementally so that my students never becomes overwhelmed with the process.

I would love to work with you to help you regain the confidence and the love for learning that I believe every student deserves and needs. Feel free to contact me any time!



Walden University

Higher Education- College Teaching & Learning


Rider University

Elementary Education & English Literature-dual major

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