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I am a Biochemistry / Pre-Med major at Grove City College. I love to tutor people and help them understand difficult concepts. If you are struggling with something, I want to work through it together. I do not want you to come away just having learned the problem, but rather having learned the concepts in order to solve future problems.

I tutor Math (all levels through Calculus 1), Biology (101 and 102), Chemistry (101 and 102), Writing and English, and Biblical studies. I also tutor ACT and SAT test prep. I can help you with test taking strategies, problem solving skills, studying, note taking, and what to expect. I offer sessions varying in length from around 30 minutes to an hour. I am always willing to shorten or lengthen the time depending on your needs. I also offer shorter sessions, in case you just have a single problem you are struggling with. I tutor year round and have more availability late May through early August. I am currently only doing online sessions with plenty of availability late May to early August and limited availability August through May. I would love to work with you! Feel free to contact me and we can figure out a plan that works best for you.

Subjects Tutored:

ACT Math, SAT Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Elementary (K-6th) Math, English, Reading and Writing, ACT Writing/English, ACT Reading, SAT Writing/English, SAT Reading, Proofreading, Writing and Composition, Chemistry (high school and college levels), Biology (high school and college levels), Music Theory, Mandolin, Guitar, Concert Harp, Fiddle, Web Design, ACT Science, Biblical Studies, Lab Reports, Essays, Research Skills, Data Presentation, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, LoggerPro, DinoCapture, Mathematica



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