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I've taught French (I-AP), Latin (I-AP), and AP English Literature at private schools for nearly 9 years. I've tutored in French since 2009; in Latin (Levels I-III), since 2016. I believe that all students can perform exceedingly well if their instructors understand who they are and how they learn, which, of course, implies a lot of compassionate insight on the part of the instructors. I have that true educator's gift, and that's one of the reasons why my students typically achieve high scores on their academic work and high stakes exams. The second reason for my students' excellence performance is my clear, rational method of explaining content. Students learn and perform best when they understand the material, not when they simply commit a ton of facts to memory. Re: my academic background: I've studied at SUNY-Amherst, The University of Chicago, and Indiana University (Bloomington). I've also spent 3.5 years variously as student, researcher, and university lecturer in France. I have a near-native proficiency in French.



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Jan is tutoring my daughter who is preparing for SAT subject French. I have found her to be professional and extremely experienced in every aspect of teaching, but more importantly, she has built a great chemistry with the student, who is already highly motivated (A grade at school and visits France twice a year), but challenged with the exam material. I cannot recommend Jan highly enough - she is focused on the needs of my daughter and dedicated to facilitating her progress in French and applying herself to the exam.

8 days ago