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Sylvan is a top-ranking test-taker, former A student and general test geek. It is his goal to help you or your student raise your scores or grades to get them where they should be. No student enjoys struggling, and every student knows that they can succeed – if only they could find the path to triumph. Sylvan takes pride in helping students find that path.

Every test is a logic puzzle mixed with a limited set of specific knowledge. The GRE requires certain knowledge that the SAT does not – wider vocabulary, more advanced grammar skills. The ACT requires more trigonometry than the GRE or SAT, and the SAT’s essay is a whole beast that the other two tests cannot contend with. But the core of all popular standardized tests is the same. Logic, patterns, and formulas. Sylvan will show you how to parse the logic, see the patterns, and memorize the formulas in concise, simple ways. If you or your student needs help with school assignments, he can assist with subject comprehension and study habits as well.

No two students learn the same way, and no two private curricula should be the same, either. Your background, age, schedule, goals, and habits all figure strongly into how you learn. You will receive highly personalized lessons specific to your learning style and developed with your input.

To learn more about taking lessons with Sylvan or to schedule an online or in-person lesson, feel free to send a message his way. In-person lessons can take place anywhere in Manhattan, most of Brooklyn and Queens close to a train, or anywhere within biking distance of Ridgewood.



Boston University

Philosophy and Political Science




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