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Hi, my name is David Caputo I am currently working as as a full time Academy Director as well as an Educational Director for a major Daycare organization. I am both a certified Teacher N to 6 and certified Guidance Counselor K to 12 with a minor in Psychology. I have ten years experience in Montessori. I have over ten years experience with STEM. I have over ten years working as a dean of students in a DOE public school in the Bronx, NY. I have over twenty years working in a higher education environment as well as in a Math program and English program. I have worked with special needs students in both a classroom setting as well as a home setting for over twenty years. I helped trained many teachers in obtaining the right skills to be successful in their teaching methods in math. I have also twenty years working with International students. I have taught preschoolers as well as elementary students throughout the years both within the DOE as well as within the Childcare Industry. I have many years working in head start settings as with ACS. I have also worked about ten years in a residential setting. I am computer literate with many years of administrative duties within the DOE. I am also bilingual, detail-oriented, team player,dependable, love challenges, knowledgeable, great communicator, great listener, quick learner and much more. I have enclosed my resume for your review. I am currently working as an Executive Director. I am both a certified a teacher N to 6 and a certified Guidance Counselor K to 12. Some of my educational experiences from the DOE school of P.S. 65 were ten years physical education, Cluster Teacher, Classroom Teacher, Counseling, Attendance Teacher, Director Of Success For All Reading Program, trained new incoming teachers in SFA and Classroom Management. I also taught Health Education to nine graders for a couple of months over the summer in the Bronx. I also did after school basketball which played other schools such as P.S. 30, P.S. 49, and others. The Chess Club was run by me and I also did after school tutoring. Olympic Day was implemented by myself where classes competed through obstacle courses. All children received T-Shirt and medals.
As an Executive Director of the learning program Top Notch Academy. I supervised, recruited, hired, monitored, and evaluated program staff. Observing, coaching, and providing ongoing feedback to teachers concerning their teaching practices was another part of my duties. I also reviewed unit and lesson plan. My relationships with the parents I felt was one of my strongest abilities. I fostered an environment where parents felt welcomed to partake in their child's experiences. Communication through public presentation to diverse audiences was a big success for Top Notch Academy. Developing fund raising and partnership was a small backbone for Top Notch Academy. So as you can see I do believe my qualifications are what you are looking for in a tutor. If you need to contact me further. I can be reached at *** at your earliest convenience. I do look forward to hearing back from you soon.

David Caputo

1. Franklin Headley/Principal Of Voice Charter School in Astoria, Queens, NY
Cell Number: ***
Email Address: ***
2. Myrna Estrada/Attendannce Teacher at Queens High School for Information, Research &Technology in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY
Contact number: ***
Email Address: ***
3. Yvette Kenna/CEO of Top Notch Academy in Astoria, Queens, NY
Cell Number:***
Email Address: ***



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