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Qualifications & Experience

Luis, a master tutor, has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry from Skidmore College. He has a Master of Arts in Secondary Science Education in Chemistry 7-12 from Columbia University Teachers College. I have also a bilingual/bicultural education certificate from New Jersey City University. In addition, I am in my third year where I am pursing my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry part time at Seton Hall University. Luis has 9 years of teaching experience including 5th and 6th grade science and math, middle school science, high school level chemistry and biology as well as college level general chemistry and organic chemistry. Luis feels that teaching is about conveying a love of learning and discovery as well. His career interest lie primarily in science education focusing on secondary education in chemistry and his long term goal is to become a professor of Organic Chemistry with a focus on research in natural product synthesis that focus on endocrinology, immunology and cardiology. The science teacher that he would like to be is the one who inspired those who want to pursue a career in science. Luis is a highly effective teacher who is passionate about helping his students understand the material they are learning and develop their critical thinking skills.



Seton Hall University

Organic Chemistry


Teachers College of Columbia University

Secondary Science Education Chemistry 7-12


New Jersey City University

Bilingual/Bicultural Education Certificate Program


Skidmore College

Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry

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