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I graduated from NYU's College of Arts and Sciences summa cum laude (highest honors) in the field of Comparative Literature. Most of my classes were essay based, so my writing skills were regularly tested in addition to my acuity in the interpretation of both fiction and non-fiction. Since graduating I have worked as a copywriter at two different companies, while most recently spending time to re-teach myself the basics of writing.

For a little more than a year I have explored everything from the potential of a single sentence to solutions for the common phenomenon of writer's block. It has been a very interesting experience teaching myself. There is much about writing that I never had the opportunity to learn about in school. It is hard to perform for grades and also learn at the same time, especially when it comes to the fundamentals.

I have always considered tutoring again, after having tutored in highschool. Now after teaching myself for a year the idea of teaching others has come up again. I feel confident. I am very sure in my ability to help someone else improve their writing. Writing is so important, even if it is just an e-mail. I want to share the many lessons I have learned. Hopefully, they can make writing a little less mysterious.



New York University

Comparative Literature

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summa cum laude

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