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My Background:. I earned perfect scores on all standardized tests of Writing/English and scored a 2280(W:800 M:760 CR:720) on the SAT Reasoning Test (99+) . I am very adept at Mathematics as well as Writing and--unlike most tutors--- I provide the most surefire cognitive heuristics to help you hack the exam and ace the concepts covered by the New SAT. I am an affable guy with an exhaustive knowledge of virtually all concepts covered by the SAT and I guarantee a substantial increase in scores with just a few sessions of tutoring. On the PSAT, I earned an 80/80 on the Math (99th) and a 78/80 on the Critical Reading (99th) and ranked #13 in the State of Utah overall. On the New SAT Official Practice Tests by CollegeBoard, I scored an 800 on the Math Section (99+) 7 out of 8 times and averaged a 1560 overall.

Have you ever felt perplexed by the rigmarole of standardized tests and found the preparatory material insufficient to predicate a proper understanding of the conceptual mastery needed to get into your school of choice? Do you want to know the secret heuristics jealously guarded by the aristocracy that can help you leap beyond expectations and land you the career and the livelihood that you seek? My didactic methods will ensure that you considerably improve your scores on the SAT and GRE and I can also provide guidance on college admissions essays.

Why me?

I specialize in providing avenues for students in the 590-660 range on both sections to exceed the 700 plateau on the SAT (expect a 50-70 point increase). I also can coach students to excel on the GRE and provide consultation for college admissions essays. I address the subtext that governs the questions on the SAT and GRE and provide pathways for enrichment that few other tutors provide. My didactic methods are designed to ensure that you will surpass your former talents and reach a higher plane of conceptual understanding quickly to great fanfare and success. If you hire me, I will help you conceptualize the problems on the SAT or GRE in a more intuitive manner that is not explicitly taught in test prep books and help you circumvent the onerous rigmarole inherent to standardized tests.



New York University





Awards & Honors


National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist


Poetic Genius High IQ Society (139+) Member


High School Spelling Bee Champion

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