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I recently graduated from Pomona College as a neuroscience major. I have been tutoring since high school. I am currently applying to medical school, but until I begin school again, I am working as a tutor. I am a well-rounded student and I would be happy to work on a variety of subjects. I am patient, willing to explain concepts in multiple ways, and I am happy to work on study skills in general. I will pay attention to your individual needs and we will form a study plan together based on your goals, strengths, and areas that are the most challenging.

In the past, I have tutored general study skills and a variety of high school subjects, including biology and physics. I would be happy to tutor most high school subjects- I will let you know if I am not qualified to tutor a certain subject. I am also comfortable tutoring for the SAT, MCAT, and for college biology, neuroscience, psychology, introductory physics, and assist with writing papers.

I am happy to review foundational math concepts as well as work on tips and tricks to help you sail through the SAT math section.

I have taken high school and college biology, have strong knowledge of this subject, as well as experience tutoring it. Biology is one of my favorite subjects, and I am passionate about working through this material.

I scored very strongly on the english sections of the SAT, as well as on the comparable section of the MCAT. I would love to practice these sections with you as well as teach you strategies to boost your score.

I took the MCAT in January and scored in the 99th percentile, meaning that I am fresh with the material, the format, and the strategies necessary to perform well on the exam. I have good conceptual understanding as well as a lot of ideas about how to create a study plan, which is a key step in mcat success.

These are just some of the subjects that I am able to tutor. Feel free to contact me with requests for other subjects, and I will only agree to tutor if I am qualified. Also please contact me with any other questions about my experience, what our work together would be like, or more about me!



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