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Qualifications & Experience

Recent graduate who holds a B.A. in Political Science.
I have served as a teaching assistant for both international relations/political science courses and have tutored underclassmen for 2 years.

A few details about myself and my teaching/learning beliefs and methodologies:

I find that learning shouldn't be a mundane black and white concept. I believe education is multifarious and shouldn't exist solely through scholasticism.
Education is an ongoing process. I am a firm believer and passionate about life-long learning. I feel that explaining the processes for 'why', rather than simply 'how' something works is integral for growth and mastery. Furthermore, I believe in teaching through a realistic scope. There are no short-cuts with learning, however there are methods for augmenting what you'll retain. I favor using patterns and applicable real-world examples for more pragmatic learners.

Ideally seeking to tutor elementary/middle school level English and Social Studies. However, I am also open to tutoring students in high school/university Political Science and Government courses— mostly working on foundations of articulation in argument and logic, paper/thesis critiquing, etc.

I'm happy to work as an editor, aiding in teaching students how to refine their critical reading and writing skills.

In sum, please reach out with any further questions-- I like to think I'm very personable and welcome any and all queries, etc!



Wells College

Political Science

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Cum Laude

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