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Hello I am Rich the Tutor

-My mission; To save time on tests by increasing the clients understanding of the subject material.

- My clients have a very high success rate. This includes: ACT and SAT scores, college acceptance rates into their primary college of choice. I also prep on college level for entrance exams in math. References can be provided. You may even contact some of my past clients via text or chat.

-It is Summer time and that means the ACT's and SAT's are coming up fast. I can help any individual I tutor.. I build customized packets for each client depending on their ability. I put in long non-billable hours of my own time to set up the packet for each individual. I cannot promise that the client will get 100% on a test or that I will do their homework for them (I do it with them). What I can promise is that my average client has gone up at least a 10th of a populous percentile. That is they went from 400ish to 650ish, on average, for the Math component on the SAT. For some of my clients they scored even higher and got into that tier one school. I can make them stronger. I tutor in math and physics and genuinely love what I do and pay it forward as much as I can. I volunteer for 3 to 4 hrs. a week helping others to get their GED. Like I said I love what I do. I am building a business through client service and satisfaction.

-NOTE: I specialize tutoring for the ACTs and SATs in Math because time saving steps matter. I have built a fluid teaching system to help understand the correlation of the processes and formulas. The help I can provide is very useful in ways of Thinking Mathematically for the "how, why, and when" to use cretin applications, formulas, and calculators on all types of testing, homework, and in general problem solving ability. These include: Trigonometry "Unit-Circular math", Law of Sin, Law of Cos, the relationship of Tan, Vector use, all Algebra, all Calculus, and Probability Densities (stats with bell curves), Business Math, Actuarial Science, Physics, and more. I use the last 20 years plus of SATs and ACTs to comprise my methods. I teach them when and when-not to use their calculator (time is the key). Also I teach them a lot about formulas and their usage, identifiers, and how to solve for all-aspects of them. We can also meet in a public place once or twice per week for 1hr. to 2hr. sessions, or more if needed, usually a coffee house or library, but I can still come to a residence.
will text a few days prior to our appointment for conformation.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Rich the Tutor @ (***).



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Erie Community College

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