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I love art and literature and foreign languages, because they develop deeper awareness of the world and your own place in it, broaden horizons, and teach to think independently and analytically. Most importantly, reading and writing teaches empathy. I will help you master these subjects because I love them and believe in their importance.
I tutor students in literature and writing. For many years I also taught Art Education and Studio Art in NYC Museums to kids from 1 to 12 grade. I worked at the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney and the Pierpont Morgan Library. I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Cornell University and am finishing a Ph.D. program at Columbia University in Russian and Italian Literature. At Columbia I taught a literature class within the CU Core Curriculum to incoming freshmen. This was really fun: we read books from Homer to Virginia Woolf. My students wrote a lot of papers, and I worked quite a lot with them on their writing. I was also Teaching Assistant in two Russian literature courses, working with the students in discussion sections, teaching such skills as close reading and critical thinking, helping them come up with ideas for their papers, teaching them to edit, and then also grading the final product. Through the years, I have always worked with my students individually, as well as in class.
I can guarantee significant improvement in your reading and analytical skills. Your grades will reflect positive change within weeks. I will work closely with you on your writing and editing as well. We will come up with strategies for organizing your ideas and communicating them most effectively. Discover the joys of pesky topic sentences and concluding paragraphs! Expand your vocabulary and be rid of run-on sentences once and for all!

I speak Russian fluently, because it is my mother tongue. I have taught it at Columbia and Barnard University, from beginner to advanced level. I also speak French and Italian, and can tutor both at the beginner or intermediate level.



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