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Hello! I am a graduate of Vassar College. I majored in environmental studies focussing in sociology, earth science, and biology. I am comfortable teaching any subject up through grade 8, and am comfortable teaching high school level biology, earth science, English, and other subjects upon request. I am currently a tutor with a small private agency, and I tutor math, English, biology and earth science for students ranging from 9-16 years old. I was also hired as a substitute teacher for middle school at Friends Seminary. I also have training in the visual arts, dance, and music so I can potentially tutor hobbies as well for younger students. Last summer I was a camp counselor at the Wellfleet Bay Audubon Society day camp. There I taught 7 and 8 year olds about ecology and natural history through fun lessons, outdoor hikes, games, and crafts. I love the opportunity to provide students with the one on one attention and academic help they need. I believe that all students have tremendous potential to succeed if they have the right teacher who is willing to put in the time.

I excelled in science both at a high school and college level. I am passionate about it and genuinely find it very interesting and fun. In college I took environmental science, earth science, biology, and ecology classes.

I understand that school may be difficult or boring for students, and that teachers are not always patient and understanding. However I had the privilege of loving my education and I will try my best to make lessons with my students an interesting learning experience. I will never judge a student who is having trouble or lose my patience, I am happy to work through subjects at whatever pace they find comfortable until they reach a point where they feel confident that they have grasped the material.



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