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Qualifications & Experience

So because 10 is over the top and 5 seems just one short of convincing, here are . . .
The TOP SIX reasons you should consider working with ME as your tutor:

6. I've attended and taught at just the type of schools to which many students aspire (Princeton, Wesleyan, Smith College, UNC Chapel-Hill). That means I can help you improve your work so you can get into college, thrive while you're IN college, and help you get out of college.

5. I'm an amazing educator with several years of experience as a college professor.
I love helping learners strengthen their skills in WRITING, READING COMPREHENSION in any subject, ANALYSING LITERATURE, ESSAY EDITING, CRITICAL THINKING, AP LIT EXAM prep, and a variety of other skills for success in school at any level.

4. I love language, writing, reading, analysis, poetry and inspiring that love in students is a passion of mine.

3. I bring a unique entrepreneurial perspective and a rich tableau of real world life experience, and yet I'm a good listener who can empathize with what you're dealing with at any level of school because I've done them all!*

2. I understand that people learn in different ways and I love the challenge that presents. So it'll be about getting to know you and how best you learn.

1. I'm great with people and I've got a good sense of humor. When we work together, we'll have a nice balance of taking the work and your goals seriously but not taking ourselves too seriously.

*Want ONE MORE reason?
I've volunteered at after-school programs from kindergarten through 12th grade for 10 years.
Some examples:
- Creative arts extra-curricular instruction to first grade through middle school students (including fun with puppets).
- Individual and group tutoring and homework support for high school students
- Long-term academic mentor to two students taking them from struggling high
schoolers to successful college graduates and through to graduate school, 2003-2010.

I've got your back. Let's do this!



Princeton University

Literature in English


Brooklyn College of the City University of New York


Awards & Honors


Post-doctoral Fellowship in English at Smith College


Mellon Mays University Fellows Dissertation Grant


Mellon Minority Undergraduate Fellow


Phi Beta Kappa


President's Fellowship (full fellowship for graduate study)

Danielle ’s Rating



5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Over the span of 6 or 7 years in high school and college, Danielle and I worked on strengthening my writing. Though I enjoy English literature I didn't excel in the subject, primarily because of my handicap errors I'd make in my homework and essay assignments. She's patient, funny, thoughtful and really help me enjoy writing and taught me how to slow down to fine tune my work. After working with Danielle for a year I had the confidence to ask to be placed in AP English where I excelled. Danielle help me prepare for the SAT writing portion, she's helped me edit and think of topics to write for my college essays. She would be the final glance on my college essays before I handed them in. I ultimately decided to declare a major in English because of her support. She understands how to work with young students that are distracted and want to rush through work. She helped me become a much more organized which and kept me from procrastinating. I'm grateful to have worked with her.

a year ago