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I graduated from NYU with a degree in drama, and now I put my degree to work by understanding the thought process of some fascinating characters: my students! I believe that everyone learns a little differently, and I make it my mission to understand and cater to each student's unique learning style. I believe that a strong tutor needs to be more than just smart. He/she needs to be empathetic, intuitive, energetic, and engaging.

I love teaching English/writing because I loved those subjects in school. I was lucky enough to have fantastic teachers who instilled a strong balance of structure and creativity. I also have a passion for language learning in general (I teach Hebrew part time, and I study Japanese on my own time for fun!), and I know that the rules of English and grammar can be frustrating and confusing. I'd love to demystify them with you!

I love teaching math because...well, I did NOT like math in school! I got good grades, but in all honesty, I struggled for them. To make up for my lack of natural aptitude, I needed every concept broken down for me in detail. I am proud to say that all of that hard work has paid off. I am now able to connect the logic of various math concepts, and more importantly, I know from first-hand experience how to relay those connections to you! Whatever frustrations my math students are feeling, I can relate and empathize. I promise, it's much easier than you think, and I can help you make sense of it!

I love teaching test prep because it's a whole different beast than homework, and once you know how to take the test, you'll be shocked at how much your score can improve! Most of my test preparation experience has been with the three levels of ISEE, but I am well versed in other test preparation strategies as well.

Please reach out with any questions! I look forward to learning with you!



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