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I am a teacher and writer with nearly two decades of experience. I hold New York State certification to teach English and Social Studies, and ITTT certification to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

I make it easy to improve your English reading, speaking and writing, and can also make history interesting and fun. You will see your grades improve, and you'll be ready for the tests. Writing essays and reports will no longer be a nightmare!0

I recently taught English reading, grammar and writing skills to fifth grade ESL students in preparation for state exams, at a prep academy in Flushing, NY. I am currently teaching English online to Chinese students.

I taught English and Social Studies in New York City schools. This included creating curriculum for two combined Global and U.S. history courses. I also directed an after school program in a bilingual New York City school.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English from York University, a master’s in Public Administration from New York University, and thirty graduate credits in teaching from Columbia University Teachers College and City College of New York. In addition, I have three years’ bilingual consulting experience in Central America. I am fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. I have reading comprehension of French and Portuguese, and am currently studying Mandarin Chinese.

As a teacher I try to identify the students’ level of readiness and tailor my teaching to that level. Then I can help the students progress up the learning ladder, enjoying and learning at each step. As they progress, I help them develop the confidence required to pass the inevitable qualifying tests that reflect their learning level.



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