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Hi All!

My name is Mrs. Neemai and I am delighted and excited to be your tutor/mentor! I've been working with a variety of students, including children and adults, at all levels to help boost academic morale, implement helpful yet simple study tools, while also delving deeper into the subjects that are most challenging to my student. My main priority as a teacher and guide is to assist my students with achieving comprehension skills that can be widespread and applicable to all fields and areas even after our sessions come to an end.

I have been working as a tutor for 10+ years, with all students including those with learning differences or specific needs and/or accommodations. I pride myself, as a tutor, for my ability to approach students with patience, compassion and diligence. I utilize active methods of teaching that keep students engaged and critically thinking throughout the entire session.

I am 100% flexible and provide an open, healthy space for my students to be comfortable with making mistakes, facing those mistakes, and working intelligently to overcome these obstacles. As a teacher, my main tenet is understanding that each and every one of my students has individualistic goals, needs, conflicts as well as habits that can be worked on and will be addressed.

In terms of confidentiality, I treat each of my students with respect and professionalism, emphasizing necessary and healthy boundaries without limiting their thoughts and ideas. I believe that each and every student has the equal potential to thrive and reach as far as they wish to.

I offer fundamental support while also giving students opportunities to engage their own creativity, build their own motivations, and think for themselves in the right way.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or recommendations, I am always available and open to learning myself. I am a lifelong student of the world's knowledge myself, and always believe that although I may be the tutor/mentor, I always have more growth and knowledge to learn from everyone-- especially my students!

Please feel free to reach out at *** if you would like to connect with me directly!

Mrs. Neemai



Hunter College of the City University of New York

Creative Writing, Child and Developmental Psychology




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