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Hi, I’m Michan! I’m a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar Performance and Pre-Law. Going back as far as I can remember, I’ve always had a knack for school. I could ace every test- but I never liked having to show my work on homework assignments or take notes, particularly when it came to math.

As expected, this created many a strenuous relationship between me and my teachers. But one afternoon in 9th grade during Algebra 2, while I was helping a struggling classmate, my teacher came up with a solution.

He said, “If you help teach your classmates a little bit every week, I’ll make your grades dependent solely on your tests!” This was a dream for me.

And thus, my career as a tutor began. Throughout the rest of high school, I struck this compromise with many of my teachers. And as my passion for teaching blossomed, I developed a fascination with taking the central ideas behind a concept and breaking them down into digestible, communicable nuggets.

Along the way, I learned the importance of being engaging, patient, and enthusiastic. Teaching truly is an art, and the attitude I bring to a lesson is just as important as the knowledge I aim to impart.

Although I teach a wide range of subjects, I specialize in ACT and LSAT tutoring, having scored a 35 and a 176 on the tests, respectively. By going through practice tests with the student, I first diagnose the areas needing improvement, and then show them test taking strategies that will increase their speed and accuracy, and essential concepts they can apply in a wide range of scenarios.

My goal is not to show a student why they got one particular answer wrong, but instead to drill fundamental ideas deeply, until they ‘click’. I want them to understand the test from the test-writer’s point of view. I help them see the patterns evident throughout the test, so they can build a bank of experience and confidence come test-day.

I’m easy to get a hold of, and will always respond promptly. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a lesson!



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