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1. a boost in self-confidence
2. a reduction in test anxiety
3. the potential to earn higher grades

Contact me today, so I can guide you toward becoming the best student you can be!


Why hire me as your academic tutor or test-prep mentor? At least six reasons:

1. Convenient: I offer private online sessions from anywhere in the world!
2. Flexible: Scheduling is arranged to accommodate your busy life. Evening, weekend, and holiday sessions are available.
3. Motivational: I’ll guide you toward achieving your highest potential by offering tips to make studying fun and by encouraging you to reach beyond your current level of accomplishment.
4. Personalized: I devote one-to-one attention with focus on addressing your individual needs, personal attention that’s not possible in a traditional classroom setting or test prep center.
5. Supportive: I will set attainable goals, require accountability, measure progress, and show you how to structure your study time outside of tutoring sessions.
6. Tailored: I design each lesson with you in mind and do not use a standardized curriculum.

Discover for yourself The Mary Difference! Contact me today to get started.


I offer private tutoring for high school and college students at all levels of proficiency. Whether you need regularly scheduled sessions throughout a semester, short-term assistance preparing for an exam, or a single meeting to complete an assignment, together we can devise a plan to help you achieve your scholastic goals.

I offer a safe, non-judgmental environment. I facilitate unique approaches to the material, suggest techniques you might not have tried before, and promote connections between personal interests and lesson requirements so that learning can be engaging, even fun!


1. individualized attention
2. unlimited Q&A
3. positive encouragement


* Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with concentration in nonfiction
* Bachelor of Arts in English with concentration in professional/technical writing
* Cum Laude Designation
* ESOL-related continuing education credits
* NTA (National Tutoring Association) professional membership


* Academic Coach
* Adult Class Facilitator
* College Professor
* Freelance Editor
* High School Tutor
* Private Tutor
* Substitute Teacher
* Teaching Assistant
* Test-Prep Mentor (ACT, SAT, TEAS)
* Test Proctor
* Writing Consultant


10:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Eastern time 7 days per week


Since our scheduled session is reserved for you personally, a cancellation fee will apply should you change your scheduled session for any reason without at least 24-hour notice. Notice given in less than 24 hours prior to session start time, or no notice at all, will result in a fee equal to the full session price. Thank you for your respect and consideration.

I believe in you and your ability to succeed. Together, we can do this!


1. Excellent ACT Tutor – Miss Mary did an excellent job preparing me for the ACT. She is very knowledgeable about the ACT and taught me very helpful strategies for the test. I will continue to work with Miss Mary for the SAT.
~ Rachel S. from Sarasota, Florida

2. Knowledgeable and patient. Mary has been wonderful for my daughter. She is everything she advertises. I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for help on the SAT. Her teachings cross over to daily comprehension and different subjects as well.
~Amy D. from Brandon, Florida

3. Great writing tutor! I contacted Mary because I wanted some help on my college essays before I submit them. She was quick in her response and patient during tutoring sessions. She helped improve my essay structure, word choice, and syntax. She paid a great deal of attention to details. I already submitted most of my applications, and I felt very confident in the writing portion of them! To sum it up, Mary is the go-to person when you need help in writing!
~ Tim Z. from China living in Wilmington, Delaware

4. [My son] was accepted into RIT, his first choice college and early decision school, and also received the Presidents Merit scholarship.
~ Ray R. from Sparta, New Jersey

5. You’re so thorough in your editing and proofreading, something I can never put a price on because it is precisely the kind of excellence and attention to detail that industry demands.
~ Perpetual M. from Zambia living in New Tampa, Florida

6. Thank you so much for your help with my [college application] essays. As of today, I have been accepted to [two universities]. I hope many more acceptance letters are on the way. Without your help, my essays would not be as good as they were when I first wrote them. Thank you so much and God bless!
~ Ryan D. from Midlothian, Virginia

7. Mary is a fantastic tutor. She provides structure, leadership and encouragement. She continues to impress us. I love the homework assignments she gives to my daughter . . . Thanks Mary! Happy to report [my daughter] did improve her SAT scores! She was accepted at [school], her top choice!
~ Celeste N. from New College, Pennsylvania

8. Success with Miss Mary – Miss Mary tutored me in English and SSAT preparation for 2 months, 2 times a week this past fall. She taught me to review my work before going to the next question or assignment, revise my essay construction, and other things to help me succeed in school. I am so thankful to her because I was recently accepted to prep school in the northeast. She is a great teacher and tutor. Thank you Miss Mary!
~ Matej D. from the Czech Republic living in Bradenton, Florida

9. Patient, understanding, and knowledgeable – My daughter had Mary for helping her in reading , vocabulary and writing. I noticed a tremendous amount of improvement in about 6 classes. She is good at making my daughter understand in her own pace and always encouraging and giving tasks to complete before the next class.
~ Malatee R. from Atlanta, Georgia

10. Amazing Tutor for ATI TEAS 6 English Section! Mary is here for you. She will examine your needs and make suggestions for your learning. I wanted to start right away but when she explained why taking a step by step process is critical, I then understood and was grateful! After one session, I am able to be more confident and apply my critical thinking skills so my scores are improving already. I have more sessions lined up and I cannot wait!
~ Raymond W. from Pittsburg, California



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