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With a Bachelors degree in Physics and M. Ed in Physics Education I have been formally trained and educated to use the latest Physics Education Research (PER) pedagogies in my classroom and/or for my one-on-one tutoring sessions. I have been teaching physics and providing tutoring for the past 15 years in both high school/college settings. I am also a part-time employee of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) developers of the AP Physics and SAT Physics Subject Test. Physics can be a traumatizing course for many students because it forces students to learn not only new science concepts but also apply mathematics to explain the physical world. If not taught properly, it can be a source of confusion and my goal as a tutor is to break down its intensity and make learning physics easier and perhaps even ENJOYABLE!

I have over 15 years teaching experience in Physics/AP Physics at High Schools in NJ as well as Community Colleges I strive to make students understand the basics of how our miraculous universe works. Once the basics are established, we can move on to deeper understanding and make connections between all the different topics. I try to establish a methodical approach to solving physics problems that will aid students in many other subjects as well. As a teacher, I hope to motivate students to do their best and even go beyond their personal limits. By expanding upon previous knowledge and exploring new uncharted territory, I believe students increase their opportunities for success today and in the future. My students commit to a level of performance that challenges them to reach their full potential. My expectations of my students are high and by the end of the school year they realize they can achieve any goal set before them. This is a valuable lesson that they can apply to their lives beyond our classroom.

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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

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