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An award-winning business professional, entrepreneur, and mentor.

My teaching philosophy is straightforward and engaging - keeping the subject matter simplified through creative and positive experiences. This allows the learner to be successful in any specific subject matter and utilize resourceful thinking. My students will usually say, "It's over already...can you stay".

Currently, I guest lecturer and mentor for business professionals, undergraduate, and graduate students. My coaching and teaching doesn't apply to just adult learners and higher education.

¥ Tutor children ages 5 -13 in math, reading, writing, English, social studies, study and organization skills.
¥ My work with high school students is specific to social studies and business topics.
¥ In summary, I have trained over 3000 adult professionals in the topics of sales, marketing, and human resources and have managed dozens of millennials, gen X, gen Y, and baby boomers.

My passion for teaching is based on the following personal and professional reasons:
1. I have personally witnessed and experienced poor teaching and its negative effects on students;
2. I am passionate in demonstrating the notion that wonderful, caring teachers exist;
3. I teach for long-term results and for the greater good of society.

Goals: assisting students to develop confidence, motivation and skill sets through education, short- and long term. The power of extraordinary education is one of the most powerful contributions one can give.

Professionally, I have branded three of my own businesses; launched over 13 healthcare products, domestically and globally; worked in both upstream and downstream marketing; trained over 3000 adult professionals; mentored and coached over 2 dozen direct reports, as well as, mentored employees who were not direct reports.
Direct professional experiences, have granted me the skill set of public speaking for over a decade. I have lectured and taught students in college, as well as, adults in the professions such as, sales, marketing, HR and the medical field. My craft for public speaking is not derived from professional experience alone, but from academia and through professional public speaking courses. I have constructed presentations for audiences ranging from 2 to 1000, domestically and globally. I'm also a national speaker for three Learning and Development organizations.

Academically, I have earned a dual MBA concentrating in marketing and strategy/leadership, continue to keep up to date trends and research, and attend marketing conferences, while meeting with other marketing professionals.

I guarantee a positive experience, as I myself understand the struggle of learning through books alone. Due to my own struggles, as an adult, I have created and mastered a teaching style that sticks– not only for adults, but for children and adolescents. Results can also be guaranteed if the receiving party is genuinely interested in learning and willing to apply newly formed skill sets.



Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey



Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Strategy & Leadership


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


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Rutgers Alumni of the Year


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Launch Excellence Award: Marketing Excellence

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