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I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from SNHU that I received the same year I graduated high school. I was honored with the privilege of having the highest GPA out of everyone in my program as well. In the fall I will be returning to SNHU to complete my BA in Music Education and my Masters in Elementary Education and Special Education. I have always loved assisting others in experiencing the joys of learning and started doing so at a very early age. By the time I was 17 I had created and taught a reading and phonetics pre-k class for a homeschool community, taught pre-k and elementary level students at my church based on a pre-set curriculum, ran my own pre-k room during a school camp, and created and executed engaging games/activities to occupy a classroom of students between the ages of 6mo. - 12 years. My latest teaching experience afforded me the opportunity to work one on one with an autistic 6th-grade student in a public middle school for an entire school year while assisting other students as well with their course work. I have been gifted with the chance to work with an outstandingly diverse variety of students from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds and have valued every chance we had to learn and grow together. I have been told I have the ability to communicate clearly, that I have a bright personality, the patience of a saint, and a sensitive, empathetic spirit that allows me to quickly assess the best and most effective way to serve students in order to help them achieve a "light bulb" moment(s). I delight and thrive in any chance I have to find new and innovative ways to convey concepts to help people understand ideas that were previously foreign or confusing. I am strong in almost every subject I tackle, specifically math and have advanced to acing college level Calculus. I have had my struggles with English, but have managed to conquer those trials through hard work and practice (while developing an adoration for the Oxford comma) and am passionate about helping others who are struggling to achieve their dreams and goals be successful and victorious. So, all this to say, if you are looking for a tutor who is enthusiastic about learning and teaching and is determined to help you or your student be successful, I'm your girl! Please reach out if you have any questions at all or just want to spark a conversation. I am here for you!



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