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I'm Elvis! On May 2019 I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Information Technology. Throughout my university studies I have realized that classes are easier and more enjoyable when you have a professor who can explain one single topic in many different ways. Rather of making classes boring and just using the same method over and over again, the approach a professor has to establish to his students is most crucial. Hence, I tend to bring the same approach to tutoring and explaining mathematics. Instead of representing mathematics as a boring and hard subject, I am consistent in showing the real applications of mathematics and the fun in it. With five years of experience in tutoring, I usually start with making a detailed lesson plan for students which is able to change or edit, based on student's needs. Furthermore, an additional material with explanations is always provided to students, in order to sharpen their knowledge.

As mentioned before, I have five years experience in tutoring different levels of mathematics. My first year I have started tutoring college algebra and pre-calculus classes. I worked as an assistant to my chair of department, where one of my roles was to aid with class lectures and tutor student. Additionally I was a part of the Supplemental Instruction Tutors, which are only the skilled tutors to help students in different areas of math. Throughout these five years I have been awarded a certificate from my university, which made me a certified tutor. In this setting I further progressed in tutoring high level university classes as well as preparing students for their SAT and ACT tests.

My aim is to aid students and make them understand mathematics in various ways. Any comments, suggestions and advice from parents or students are welcomed. I can adjust to any student needs and we can reach all goals set together. Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or to schedule a lesson!



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