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My name is Tristan Pelletier. I am not just another video editor. Over the last seven years, I have helped viral YouTubers, entrepreneurs, artists, corporate internet marketing companies, small businesses, and many more turn their concept or message into engaging videos that serve and resonate with their target audience.

I am passionate about education and committed to an individualized approach to teaching. My fun, engaging and comprehensible tutoring techniques are carefully designed to serve your specific needs and goals. I offer students in-depth training on video editing, color-grading, and production from concept to completion, how to use video marketing to enhance a brand's messaging, and how to incorporate 'story' into your videos.

Throughout my experience directing viral YouTube videos, video packages for corporate brands, music videos, live-broadcasting, and award-winning short documentaries, I have collected an immense amount of knowledge at all levels of video production and I want to share my secrets with you.

In addition to individualized work, I have led group workshops and lectures on color grading and video editing and I currently run an independent video production company. My production company has worked on projects with Adidas, Business Insider, AJPlus, Foodable Network, RVCA, Scorpion Internet Marketing, and many more entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artists.

I work on both Windows and Mac and I am Adobe Premiere Pro Certified. I can also share insight on how to function as a useful asset on set and how to operate a range of video equipment, from cinema cameras to digital SLRs to portable sound mixers, drones, professional lighting equipment, gimbals...the list goes on.

My dream for you is for you to achieve a positive result and to enjoy the learning process. I am always seeking new opportunities to share my knowledge and love of media arts with others. At the moment I'm most interested in viral video concepts, narrative and documentary film, and sitcom writing. I look forward to meeting with you and working on building your artistic practice! Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or to schedule a lesson!



University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Film and Media Studies




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