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Hi there! Congratulations on choosing one of the most beautiful and historically-based languages to study! Whether you are just trying to fulfill your language requirement in undergrad, or if you are preparing to visit Italy with improved speaking capability, I have tutored other people like you. If you just need someone to proofread your compositions, I'm happy to do that. I genuinely enjoy learning about the Italian language, and my goal is to make your learning experience enjoyable as well! I am lucky to have lived in Italy twice-once for 5 months, once for 5 weeks-and my time there significantly improved my speaking abilities. An Italian major was not offered at my college, so I continued taking Italian courses beyond the requirements for my minor. My professor at the time sent students to me for tutoring, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. I can't wait to work with you to keep my Italian knowledge fresh and to help you improve! Benvenuti, andiamo!

I also have a minor in art history, I am available for tutoring in this subject as well. In the past, I have studied Italian Renaissance, Italian Baroque, and Art Conservation in Italy. I was a member of the Vasari Society at my college, and took Neoclassical French Art in Paris. I'm extremely passionate about the history of art, and I made excellent grades in my undergraduate art history courses. I have developed great study methods for art history classes, and I know what information is important to know for testing purposes.



University of Mississippi

Political Science, Minor in Italian Language, Minor in Art History




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