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Hello Future Success Stories,
I am LaDarren Lucas. My hometown is Morton, Mississippi. Last year, I transferred in-house from the 6th to the 7th Grade teaching ELA at South Delta Middle School. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Southern Mississippi and completed the Master’s degree program at Mississippi Valley State University. I have invested my entire 9 years of teaching at the Junior High level as well as served as an after school tutor for high school students. In Addition to teaching, I am the junior high head boys’ basketball coach.
As the oldest of three siblings, I want to make sure I am a portrait of a successful, respected individual that my siblings as well as my students can look up too.
I believe teaching is a passion, not just an occupation. I, firmly, believe teachers must be risk takers and forever students ourselves. We create the environment and climate of the classroom. We must stay true to ourselves and our students. We have to dress for success. We must set high expectations for ourselves and our students. We must stay clear of negative influences. We must be true to our personalities, and always be prepared and organized for each day with students because “Education is the key to the door of SUCCESS.” –Anonymous Furthermore, as a future leader I envision a school constructed primarily with a group of qualified, relentless individuals ready to move beyond mediocrity. Like a craftsmen, I want to be seen by the key-players (all faculty) as an individual who has empathy. An individual who develops people, empowers others, and brings out the best in others. Besides, my game plan is centered on a team concept, not a single individual. Although the career field of teaching has become more and more rigorous over the past few years, my passion to inspire students through a holistic approach is initiated through Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Honesty. I also work hard to instill the same values in my players as an esteemed role-model.



University of Southern Mississippi

Elementary Education emphasis Reading and English


Mississippi Valley State University

Elementary Education K-8


Delta State University

Education Administration and Leadership

Awards & Honors


STAR Teacher


Teacher of the Year


Larry and Elizabeth Payne Scholar


Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Award Recipient

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