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I am an experienced tutor in many subjects, but prefer math as it is my favorite subject. I have been teaching and tutoring since 1986! Tutoring brings an extra level of satisfaction because students really grasp the concepts and feel more success when they experience one-on-one learning. I have tutored every high school math subject, except statistics. I have also tutored many college students in their beginning math courses. As the teaching of calculus has evolved, I spent many summers perfecting my approach to teaching calculus and the AP test. Most of my students have been successful with a 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus. My background is teaching high school math since 1986, and I moved into part time and then full time administration (but always teaching at the same time) beginning in 1991.

As an Admissions Director and Director of Curriculum, I saw a need for students to learn in a different environment and there were not enough options for those students. So in 2008 I opened the Just Learn Learning Center. I was able to use everything I learned as a teacher and administrator to offer an awesome program to these students. Its primary function was to provide a learning environment for success and confidence in academics. These students included full time high school day students, afternoon tutoring in all subjects, including test prep for the ACT, SAT and SSAT. Adults prepared for the GED or college entrance exams. As well as having tutors in every subject, I mastered tutoring in many areas. I have now moved on to other interests, but have kept tutoring in the evenings. I have narrowed my subjects to math only, as it is truly a joy for me to teach.

My motto of teaching is "The more you understand, the less you have to memorize." My philosophy of teaching math is that students will remember the information much longer and will store it in long term memory if they understand what they are learning. Just memorizing the steps, or learning the "tricks" will not help them when test questions "don't look like the homework" and it is much more difficult to build on the next concepts. Through understanding the concepts, they feel much more confident in their learning and will feel success that they may not have had before. To me, this is what teaching is all about and why I always keep a hand in it.

I would love the opportunity to help you feel successful and confident in your mathematics education.



University of Missouri - Columbia

B.S.Education in Secondary Mathematics


William Woods University

M.A. Secondary Administration






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