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Hello! I'm Cameron M., a 24 year-old, French-speaking graduate of Penn State University. Currently, I'm attending the University of Maryland in order to receive an MA in French Studies where I'm aiming to teach professional courses.

Since age 5, I've had exposure to French through at-home "tutorat" (tutorage!) and various magnet schools. I've traveled to Quebec for some weeks and lived several months abroad in both Paris and Nice. This, and my personal studies of Francophone nations, has allowed me to get well-acclimated with the nuances of French vs American language and culture.

Culture and grammar are my favorite aspects of French to teach, and I find myself learning from the lessons I give in person and online everyday. But studying the differences of French and English have helped me keep my English skills sharp. I write enormous texts in my spare time, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as in academia. And so, I would be glad to provide help in both languages, no matter the topic you'd want to focus on.

In addition since my years of French exposure, I've used my fluency to tutor students and classmates both, in learning French all throughout my middle school, high school, and college years, where I received a BA in French Studies. I am now working towards my MA in French, aiming to instruct at the college level. And along with tutoring and Masters-level courses, I have also taken requests for website and document file French-English/English-French translations.

Most recently, I served as an aide to Montgomery County's Delegate Alfred Carr Jr during Maryland's Fall 2018 legislative session. Responsible for drafting bill analyses, revising and presenting live (recorded) bill testimonies, recruiting voter support on Delegate legislation, and issuing responses to various constituency emails and letters on behalf of Delegate Al Carr for Maryland’s 18th legislative district.

Before this tenure, I was contacted to provide transcription/mail-drafting services for the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election year. However, I am an accomplished fiction and non-fiction author in my free time, with many completed works written on Microsoft Word and Google Docs—as well as some titles on Microsoft PowerPoint, but those were largely experimental.

Thank you for checking my page! I look forward to what we can do together, whether online or in person.

I'm offering my services here simply because I desire to help as many people as possible with their French/English writing, reading and cultural experiences. This is why I'm charging so comparatively low—payment is not an issue for me. Only that I accomplish my goal to help you with yours.

If you wish to contact me, please don't hesitate to reach me. I look forward to seeing you soon!



University of Maryland - College Park

French Language/Literature




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