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I could write about me, but I'd rather write about what I could do for you and your child. You see, I believe all of us have a special need, a special quality, a special ability that makes us unique. I like to cater to that part in children that so often is overlooked or often ignored.

Our system is set up so that all students read from the same book, at the same rate, taking the same tests, within the same time frame. This is due to the high demand on teachers to deliver a certain amount of material by the end of a school year to move the children to the next grade level. To a degree, I think as parents we can understand this. After all, we did live through this ourselves. But not everyone was an, "A" student. Many times not because they didn't concentrate or focus. Actually, they concentrated harder and focused more intently than perhaps the top producers in the class. These are my students. The handful of students that try but need that extra help. Help that will bring the lesson to them in words that they will understand. On their level, on their terms.

What do I mean by, on their level, on their terms? I mean, everyone learns differently. There are actually seven ways of learning, of which generally only six can be used when tutoring one on one. I go over the various ways we learn in our initial meeting. Then I will access your child to see what kind of learner he/she is. For example is your child a visual learner, or a kinesthetic learner, or maybe a verbal learner, perhaps and auditory learner, etc. Whatever their learning needs are, I can cater a lesson to your child specifically. One that will be comfortable, at their level, in their learning style. Challenging enough to keep them interested, yet achievable enough for them to see their accomplishments. My goal is for them to see success every time we meet.



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