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I am a certified Secondary Education (7-12) English teacher who would love the opportunity to assist you in any and all of your writing needs, including, but not limited to:

•proofreading and editing,
•college essay writing,
•resume/cover letter creation,
•improving research skills,
•improving general reading and writing abilities,
•grammar help,
•test preparation (e.g. TESOL), and
•MLA and APA citation

Because strong writing skills are necessary for almost every field of study, my job is to give you the writing tools you need to succeed now and in the future!

A little about myself: I graduated from SUNY New Paltz as Valedictorian in 2012 with a BA in 7-12 Adolescent English Education and a minor in psychology, went on to get a Masters in English, and gained a lot of experience working as a tutor and a teacher for diverse learners along the way. Because of my academic success and extensive work experience, I am confident that I have the skills and experience to help you achieve your reading and writing potential through my wide-range of tutoring services.

A little about my past work experience: Over the past six years, I have gained experience working with diverse learners—from students in grades 7-12, college undergraduates, college graduate student, adult-learners, professors, and professionals to students with special needs and international students. Because various job opportunities gave me the extensive experience of providing tutoring services to ESL learners, I accumulated the skills and techniques to best individualize instruction for each student’s unique learning style, needs, and preferences.

While I pursued my Masters in English, I held many jobs through SUNY New Paltz. For the first year and a half, I worked as the Writing Assistant for the accredited SUNY New Paltz School of Business. I worked with undergraduates, graduates, and even professors with any writing related-topic--from simple editing projects to research and APA documentation guidance. With a large amount of the school's students being international, I gained invaluable experience working with a diverse group of students. I also privately tutored a an international adult-learner working towards MBA with writing and English-speaking skills to improve English proficiency. As a Conversation Partner for the International Department for many years, I also have experience helping international students build their conversational skills as well as prepare for the TESOL test. During the summer of 2012, I worked with the International Department at SUNY New Paltz to help Turkish students improve their writing and speaking skills during the first summer session at the college. I have also tutored a college student with dyslexia and Aspergers to help him achieve his reading potential and prep for college-level writing exit exams. In addition, I have worked with a nursing student to help her improve her grammar and proofreading skills when writing graduate papers.

For the last year of my graduate studies, I worked as an English Composition Instructor in SUNY New Paltz’s English Department. I taught two Composition courses in which I introduced freshman and transfer students to the basics and fundamentals of writing in order to kick-start their undergraduate writing careers. Students ranged in ability level--from honors-level students to ESL learners—so I was again able to hone my skills in teaching students of all ability levels. Since graduating with my Masters in December 2014, I have taught in middle school and high school settings, both in leave replacement and substitute teaching capacities. I have spent the last two years teaching English Literature (11th grade American Lit and 12th grade British Lit as well as some 10th grade World Lit) to international and domestic students in a private boarding school; I also run the school's Writing Center on campus.

My passion for teaching and helping all students achieve their writing and reading potential has only gotten stronger with my years of education and hands-on experience in the field. I look forward to continuing to help students improve their English skills.



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Adolescent Education with a Concentration in English


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