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I’m an MIT engineer, traveler, performer, problem solver, and thinker.

I have been teaching for the past 8-10 years in a variety of disciplines, formats, and places. Through my tutoring, I inspire students to take charge of their education, develop strong study skills, and think critically — specifically, through high school math tutoring and public speaking lessons.

Some of my experiences include: Teaching entrepreneurship and product design at a six week startup accelerator; Coaching public speaking and soft skills; Tutoring week long math camps. During a two week life skills summer camp, my students transformed from shy, solo workers, unsure of their work, into confident team players, proud and happy to speak at the front of the room.

I love to teach for students like these. Teaching communication, study skills, and teamwork is a joy.

I adapt my teaching style to each student’s need, and always put explanations into perspective. Understanding the big picture is key. I help students master the material and work smartly - if you understand the concepts and do the work, good grades and test scores will follow.

Regardless of the subject matter taught, my students develop strong life skills which will be relevant to many situations, from solving math problems, to landing a dream job, or excelling in their favorite sport. The ability to think critically, solve complex problems, and communicate solutions is important in all contexts. The skills learned in one class will apply to future careers in any field — students who aren’t sure their required classes are important appreciate my coaching style which brings this perspective to life.

I look forward to meeting you and taking the opportunity to develop these life skills.

***** REVIEWS *****
I am new to heytutor, but not to tutoring. These are some reviews from previous students.

"Extremely helpful. Very knowledgable and willing to help. I highly recommend her"
- Andrew (31 lessons in statistics)

"Helped me understand the concepts right from the basics. Spent a lot of time making every part of the solution crystal clear for me. I highly recommend Stephanie to other students"
- Junaid (lessons in mechanical engineering)

"Stephanie goes out her way to show you multiple approaches to the same problem or idea if you are having a problem wrapping your mind around it. Definitely was a life saver. I definitely recommend her if you need some help!"
- Clifford (lessons in math and statistics)



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineering




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