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I'm Niya Adlersberg, a 23-year-old with a true passion for teaching. I have been working with students of all ages ranging from pre-school to college-age. I am currently working at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston with an interdisciplinary team of neuropsychologists and hope that one day, I will join the ranks after graduate school. I love connecting with students beyond the assignments and academic struggles that bring us together. My approach to teaching is through empathy, compassion, and fun! Learning can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. My goal is to help students see their brimming potential and enter any classroom with the confidence to succeed.

I graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor's in psychological and brain sciences. Here, I spent most of my career doing educational disparity and neuropsychological research. My findings have been recognized and published in academic journals. At the college level, my strongest subjects are those related to psychology. In addition to this, I have extensive knowledge in language areas like Spanish, as my family is native speaking and French. I can also work with younger students and guide them through their core studies like science, history, math, and English.

Outside of my formal classwork, I enjoy traveling. I spent 7 months traveling around parts of Asia and Southeast Asia. I love learning about different cultures through art, music, movies, and writing. On most days, you can find me watching anime or cooking crazy recipes. I come from a proud family of immigrants who settled in South Florida.

I understand that these are difficult times and online learning seems like a tremendous feat, but I have an arsenal of ways to make learning exciting and worthwhile!


Niya Adlersberg



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Psychological and Brain Sciences




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