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Hi Everyone,

I am open to tutoring you in mathematics or any subject in mathematics, statistics, computers. I can help you with any questions you might have. I can tutor any grade-level, even college adults. I used to teach remedial math at the college I had attended and enjoyed tutoring on the side while attending college and working on campus. I can help you any time of the day or night with any questions you might have and feel free to contact me for any help. also, I am in need of working again, because It has been hard to find a job where I do live and please consider me as your choice in tutoring if you need help please. I would love to work in my field again please. I am easy to understand and many people liked how I had explained the material in a manner that was not too quick for the, but at a pace that person could understand. I have years of experience in tutoring and would love to work in the educational field again please, because I miss it and do need an income, because my husband died a few years ago, it has been hard to find a job where I am located. thank you roxane benoit



McNeese State University

marh and statistics, computer

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