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I am a graduate from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. I completed my degree May of 2017 with a BS in Psychology with a minor in social work. I am able to tutor levels of psychology up through undergraduate, topics in music, elementary and middle school writing. I also have expertise in social work and and other related areas.

My favourite areas to tutor are high school and college level psychology and social work as they are my degree. I also am passionate about working with younger middle school and elementary school children instilling excitment and pssion for learning. I believe it is important ot make material relevant to the student and help them see what they are passionate about and how to acheive that goal through their academic work.

My professional experience tutoring has been with children k-8 in private volunteer and employment positions. I have tutored children who are ESL, come from refugee families, poverty, and those in the general community. I also help many of my friends in their college courses as they dive into psychology. I have also gained a variety of other professional experiences that have well preapred me working with people from all different backgrounds and experiences. I have worked with refugees of all ages, studied developmental psychology expertise in infancy through geriatric, worked with refugee children as a teaching aid, Sutton House Chaplain, House Manager, House Vice President at the college level supporting my residents, Registered Behavior Technician doing Behavior Therapy for kids with autism and a Crisis Counselor with Crisis Text Line. I am currently working as a therapist for kids with autism, a crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line and tutor.

I enjoy reading, going for walks, playing music - I am classically trained on the piano through Suzuki and violin through CUSD200, and attending my church and being a part of my church community. My long term career goals is to go back to school and attain my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselor and become a therapist serving missionaries providing proactive and reactive treatment for suvivors of trauma. My research interest includes religious coping as related to trauma to create a preventitive and intervention program for missionaries who have faced trauma. I also enjoy working with children, survivors of child abuse, and the general mental health community. My education, passions, experiences, and career goals have prepared me to understand people, how to work with a variety of people, and understanding and how to approach difficult academic subjects with people.



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