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My name is Candace. I am currently a first year college student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, majoring in Biological Sciences with the goal to be a Physician's Assistant!

My tutoring services include:
-ACT and SAT English/Reading
-Standard level and Honors Level English courses
-Essay writing fluency and improvement
-Creative Writing Assistance
-Elementary, Middle and High School level science classes (Physics, Chemistry (including AP level Chemistry), Biology, Earth Science, and Anatomy & Physiology)
-US History- Standard Level, Honors Level, and AP Level courses
-Economics, Sociology, and Government courses

I am a great essay writer. I excelled in English class on every type of essay from 5 page, double spaced argumentative essays to 10 page minimum research papers. I excelled as well in SAT and ACT format English portions. I was an avid reader from early childhood throughout my years in high school as well. I can assist with reading and comprehension difficulties.

I took AP Chemistry my junior year of high school. I also recently finished a Chemistry 101 class at the college level this past semester as well with an excellent grade. Moreover, I succeeded exceptionally in Physics and Anatomy my senior year of high school. With the understanding that science is a difficult subject for many students of all age ranges, I have the patience and skill level to help you excel in the course at your own pace. Your success and full understanding is my priority.

I took college level Sociology and Psychology classes. I can give great insight on the subject matter and help with any difficulties that may arise with your understanding of the subject matter. Once again, it is at your own pace! There is no rush when the goal is to make sure you have improved your ability to comprehend the subject and execute it well at the end of each session!

In addition, I took AP US History, Honors US History, Honors Government and Honors Economics. I succeeded in each course. I also received a 4 on the AP US History exam in 2017, lending me 6 college credits. These are very complex subjects, but that does not mean you have to be intimidated by them if you do not understand something completely or are failing. I am here to help with that!

Along with standardized test help, I can also provide help on college readiness and being prepared for the high school to college transition immensely. I can aid in the college application and selection process, understanding financial aid, deciding on a major and career path, and what courses you can take during high school (or whatever grade you are in) AND the summer post graduation of high school. I am equipped with the wisdom and patience to guide you along this tedious process, and ensure it is not too much of a stress for you and your family.

I took Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors Biology, Physics, and Anatomy and Physiology all throughout my high school years. Science is a subject I am genuinely talented at understanding and executing. I currently just excelled in my first year college level Chemistry 101 class, and can use those tools I learned this semester to help any level student who has not entered college yet. Moreover, I am a Biological Sciences major and am equipped with the drive and understanding of what it takes to succeed in such rigorous subject matter. I completely understand the subject of science as a whole is a very difficult one for many students of all grades and ages to grasp. I for one have seen many of my peers throughout grammar and high school struggle with the subject entirely for years. With that being said, I have seen every skill level and am ready to work with you at YOUR pace, in order to ensure you can understand and succeed in the subject to the best of your ability and potential!

I was an avid reader and writer throughout elementary and high school. I am proficient in essay writing, reading and comprehending complex subject matter, writing short stories, and the English subject as a whole.

A few of my accolades include: going to IHSA State Finals for Feature Writing, was Editorial in Chief for my high school's newspaper my senior year, scored a 34 in ACT English, a 670 for SAT English, took all Honors English courses throughout middle and high school finish with an AP level English class my senior year, passed my first college level English course with an A for an outstanding (13 pages in length) research paper and portfolio, scored in the 90th percentile on every ISAT reading portion throughout grammar school, award winning newspaper articles, proficiency in writing short plays and creative writing, knowledge in African American literature, etc.

I can help you with comprehension for school reading material or just help with being a better reader as whole. I can peer review your essays and provide college level insight on how to improve the paper, whilst working hands on with your strengths and weaknesses in essay writing to make you a GREAT writer!

English level courses may be difficult for some. With this in mind, I can work with the material you are learning in class at your pace so you can do better on tests, quizzes, homework, and reading/writing assignments. Your success is MY priority!

In culmination, I would like to thank you for viewing and considering my profile for your tutoring needs. I am a gifted student and always have been, and would like to put that to use. I would love to build upon your strengths and weaknesses in any courses you may struggle with and make you into the brilliant student that you already are; you just need the right cultivation of your skills and guidance of someone who has been in your position before. I am very patient and willing to work with any level of learning ability. Contact me today to make your academic success a reality tomorrow!



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