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I am a CFA Charterholder as well as a graduate with a degree in finance. Specializing in preparing students for any of the CFA exams in the Chicagoland area. With a background in lending and institutional sales, I will not only help you master the subjects but also help in educating you on the best uses of the newly gained knowledge. In addition to helping with the CFA exams, I also focus on helping student understand investment and financial concepts as needed for college level courses.

Coming to the United States as an immigrant and being a first generation college student has forced me to be self taught and self sufficient. I understand what it takes to learn a subject from zero prior experience and the work required to excel at any given field. My approach to tutoring is to give the student the confidence to solve problems on their own. During the first day we will seek to uncover what is keeping the student from understanding a given subject. From there, we will start at the beginning to make sure the student has a foundational understanding of the subject. The lessons will include a lot of practice problems and problem solving as I believe practice brings the best results.

The approach to CFA exam prep is similar to the approach I take in teaching general finance and investment classes. We will start by prioritizing the important sections of the exam and making sure the student has a deep understanding of the key concepts. From there we will practice and go over a wide range of questions. As the student improves their understanding of the key concept we will move on to more specialized and unique parts of the exam. This approach is especially valuable for the written portion of exam three. The written portion is unique to exam three and is a common area of struggle for many test takers. I have been very successful in the written portion and have scored in the 90th percentile among the test takers. I will use the same approach I took in preparing for the test with my students.

I want the student to not only learn about finance but develop a understanding for how finance fits into their everyday life. By developing a comprehensive understanding of finance the student should feel more confident and have the ability to tackle all future difficulties in their studies.



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