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Aloha! My name is Anthony! I am from Hawaii, but I am currently a third year undergraduate at UCLA studying Political Science. I want to be a tutor because I know how invaluable one-on-one attention is for a student to excel. As a student, I have always found it harder to understand material in a big class or lecture. Only after class, when speaking personally with the teacher, did I thoroughly learn the subjects and feel that rush from getting it! Every student deserves to feel confident and supported when learning.

As a tutor, I am committed to creating an environment in which my students can feel comfortable asking questions and not having the right answer. To succeed, all a student needs is motivation. As a tutor, I will not just give answers. I want to inspire my students to search for them on their own with the necessary tools I can provide. With that, I know that there is no one-size-fits-all method to tutoring. I will adapt my lessons to meet each student's individual needs.

For 1-2 years, I have gained experience tutoring elementary school students math and writing in community service organizations. At UCLA, I founded and preside over a student organization that provides arts tutoring to youth under Los Angeles's Gang Reduction Youth Development Foundation. In high school, I was ranked #1 in my class and went up to AP Statistics. On the SAT, I scored in the 93rd national percentile in math with a score of 700/800 and the 98th percentile in writing with a score of 750/800. Whether it be for math, writing, or art, I look forward to connecting with students and helping them master these subjects. Feel free to contact me, and I will respond quickly. I would also be happy to go for a free call or video chat with students or guardians before tutoring to review expectations and determine whether I am the right tutor!



University of California - Los Angeles

Political Science




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