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I received my BS in teaching and served in that capacity for many years In Pennsylvania schools as well as in Hawaii before becoming involved with Iquim University and my quantum biofeedback studies. Being a teacher in Hawaii opened my eyes for the need for training in how to respond to mentally challenged students. What I witnessed was heartbreaking at times. I know that quantum biofeedback with proper nutrition and other therapies would be very beneficial for these children. The principals of the schools ignored my suggestions on how to approach these mentally challenged students.
A gymnastics injury inspired me to attain my doctorate in Natural Medicine specializing in quantum biofeedback, Oct. 2, 2013, with Quantum University. 'The Power of 'The Power of the Entangled Hierarchy' was published to give hope to people with traumatic brain injuries. It is about the use of quantum biofeedback and the fantastic results witnessed in its application for my daughter, who eventually became catatonic and appeared retarded and had neurological damage. Doctors looked at her and misdiagnosed her with mental illness. Her behavior misunderstood for mental illness, and we were told that she needed drugs and would be best off in an institution. I held firm with my beliefs that their suggestions were just a cover-up for the real problem. Oxygen therapy, neurofeedback, light therapy, crystal therapy (Stargate Astrum) are a few other therapies used to compliment her recovery. Dr. Patrick Porter incorporated brain Tap entrainment.

Quantum biofeedback helps retrain the response to stress and patterns that people hold on to and is a powerful tool for stress reduction, relaxation & pain management. By reducing stress, the quality of life increases allowing the innate healing capabilities to occur. The body remembers a more balanced, stress-free state. Reducing stress supported the process of natural self-regeneration.

I continue my education attending and helping out with the Congresses at Quantum University on Oahu. Also, I continue to take online classes specifically for quantum biofeedback with Mentoring Webinars for Level 1, 2, 3, where we talk about different cases.
I am active in the school system of Hawaii and work with mentally challenged children, elementary children as well as middle school children.
Many young adults come to me to receive help with very difficult to process emotions and shocks in their life.

Dr. Paul Drouin encouraged me to publish my first book, my thesis, ‘The Power of the Entangled Hierarchy.’ The pin which supported the height of the balance beam juggled out from the balance beam at an inopportune time at a Penn State gymnastics meet. The pin became loose while performing her double back dismount. This injury was the beginning of my journey to help her, and it was grueling, and I was told impossible. We were unable to find help with the medical profession and others. The present time she does yoga, ballroom dancing swims and has a part-time job. All her neurological damage has disappeared, and she is very bright emotionally, socially, physically, and shines spiritually. Her life is the testimony of how the body can change and regenerate.

Later 'Breaking Through the Darkness' was published, an incredible true story of love and perseverance! 'The Three Amigos and Their Friends is Dawn's first children's book published by Balboa

Dawn Irene Eshelman Singleton DNM, DHS, PhD



East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania





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