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My name is Rob and I am a certified and experienced ESOL Teacher. I teach and tutor English as a second or other language. My lessons are geared toward your goals or your child's learning goals. I teach and tutor both adults and children.

In 2014 I earned a 4.0 GPA or straight A's on my TESOL Certificate from Kennesaw State University Continuing Education. The classes were the following: Teaching Grammar, Teaching Methods, Linguistics, and Issues In Culture and Language. Each class contributed to my learning of how to create and teach lesson plans from my mind and resources available. My sample lessons are free for review during in-person interviews.

I have experience tutoring one-on-one international students as well as teaching classes of up to six adults and children online. While teaching online, I teach pre-made lesson plans and typically improve fluency and pronunciation while expanding grammar and concepts using the virtual dry erase board. This is very helpful in both situations when students may struggle and need additional explanations and examples as well as when advanced students need additional examples to stay challenged and engaged in English learning.

Most mornings I teach and tutor online. My morning classes are typically elementary school aged Chinese students; however, I have taught both adults and children during that time frame. I teach many Level 1 and Level 2 students, but have experience tutoring Leve1 through proficient and near 100% fluent English students.

While I am seeking an evening position teaching adults in a classroom (For example, from 6-10pm), I am taking new clients to teach and tutor English in my spare time. My schedule is pretty flexible at this juncture.

For the consideration of American writers and students, I am excellent at editing and writing. On my internet bookmarks, for example, I have several saved web pages under the folder "Articles with grammar errors." In the published books I have purchased and read, I have found no less than 45 published grammar and usage errors. My vernacular is also somewhat advanced since I received an amazing education in the English language while attending grade school. I absolutely love learning and using new vocabulary as well as teaching and integrating new vocabulary into my lesson plans for students.

Additionally, I have been to 17 TESOL Instructor Workshops at the Latin American Association on Buford Highway in Atlanta, GA. These 3 hour teacher workshops allow me to network with other ESL teachers and learn new games, activities, resources, and methods for teaching English. I really enjoy implementing these in my lessons, and my students enjoy them, too!

During my first year teaching on iTutorGroup/TutorABC, my students rated me a 9.4 out of 10 stars. I have taught over 100 classes on their site.

If a fun, engaging, and outgoing English tutor is your need, please contact me today.

Thank you.

Hablo espanol un poco.

No felonies.
No violent criminal history.
No crimes against children.

(I have been asked all three on job interviews.)



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