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I am a clinical pediatric psychometrist who administers psychological evaluations to children and adolescents for specific learning disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and sensory auditory/visual processing disorders. I am 29 years old and have been tutoring part time for nearly 10 years in Florida and I just moved to the Atlanta area and I am looking to build up a new clientele. Because of my experience evaluating the academic and intellectual strengths and weaknesses of the children I see at work I am uniquely able to identify the best ways for my clients to capitalize on their strengths and compensate for areas that they may struggle with. Furthermore, children with auditory or visual processing disorders or ADHD require specific types of instruction that many teachers are not able to provide, even if the child or parent is aware of the problem.
I have a BS degree from the University of West Florida as well as 3 years of graduate education in clinical neuropsychology. As a tutor, I have worked with children of all ages, but the vast majority of my experience is with 8th-12th graders. I specialize in tutoring in math and science, reading comprehension, and writing. However, I have also developed 8 week SAT and ACT prep courses that have proven highly effective both in small group (2-3 children) and individual settings. I also have successful experience preparing students for AP exams in the following subjects: Psychology, Chemistry, Statistics, English lit, and English comp as well as helping students stay on the right track throughout the year to pass those exams when the time comes.
My hourly rate includes commuting, preparing lesson plans, grading, and editing, as well as providing literature for the student.



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