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Hello Future Student!
Hola Estudiante Futuro!

My passion for learning extends way beyond the classroom and textbooks. As an avid community and professional leader, I am capable of teaching effective leadership qualities and communication skills to empower learners to achieve not only their educational goals, but also their personal and professional aspirations.

I love to learn and teach others through effective methods appropriate for every learning style. By creating relatable experiences through my tutoring sessions, I am able to promote higher levels of creative thinking and increase information retention amongst my students.

Professionally, I have seven years of experience working in institutions of higher learning. My most recent position as an English Instructor led me to Costa Rica where I spent two years teaching History, Geography, Language Arts and English as a Foreign Language to elementary and high school students. As a fluent Spanish/English speaker, I have been teaching Spanish to both children and adults alike. Working in higher education, I have lead study group and tutoring sessions for college-aged students. I have also facilitated training sessions for employees in my professional career experience.

In 2010 I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Marketing, with an emphasis in Promotions and Marketing Communication from Northern Arizona University. Following this, I graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2014 with a Master of Business Administration Management. In addition, I have 18 credit hours of formal Spanish education and received a certificate to teach English as a Foreign Language from Costa Rica TEFL in 2015.

Throughout college I was a student athlete, playing volleyball for 10 years and I enjoy art, reading, and cooking/baking as hobbies. I am also capable of serving as a tutor for such applications if needing.

As your tutor, I guarantee that my sessions will serve as enriching opportunities that allow for both professional and personal growth and development. My ideal tutoring session would require diligence on behalf of my student and a willingness to learn. I will work as hard as my student does by exhibiting patience, encouraging your best effort, and always rewarding success no matter how big or small.

I look forward to working with you!



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